Pittsburgh .Net Code Camp 2009


That’s right, we’re doing it again. Registration isn’t active yet, but we’re looking for speakers. The date is April 4, 2009, and the place is again at Pitt. More details here: http://pghdotnet.agileways.com/content/codecamp2009.aspx.

New Blog


I used to have a blog on my own web site, and before that I had one on DotNetJunkies. This is where I live now. For those of you new to the “Brought to you today by the letter ‘e'” experience – I blog about technical issues and other professional things that interest me as a software developer. I take a broad view of software development and wear many hats: coder, architect, project manager, scrum master, business analyst, tester (not well), etc. Here’s hoping I make this place interesting. Thanks for showing up!