Burning up my 15 minutes…


I was asked to be on the Community Megaphone Podcast. Andrew Duthie (@devhammer)and I had debated Software Craftsmanship back in November or October via twitter and of course you can’t debate very well in 140 character shots. So we decided to have a panel discussion for the Community Megaphone Podcast at the NoVa Code Camp 2010.2 in December. It went reasonably well (you can find it here) but we couldn’t get into too much depth. After the panel, Andrew and I talked in the hallway for a while and that lead to him asking me to be on the show as a guest.

We recorded the show right as the Software Craftsmanship debate was hitting the social networking fan. It was a good discussion. And now you can hear it. I open up really rough with lots of bad speech habits, but after I settle in I’m not so bad. Smile


Another Manifesto


All these manifestos to sign – I’m starting to feel like I’m selling out my quasi-libertarian belief system. 🙂

Seriously, though, another software “contract” that makes sense – its really an extension of the Agile Manifesto: The Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship. It make sense to me – we are letting ourselves, our peers, and our projects get burdened down with massive technical debt. Time to resolve to stop letting that happen. Go sign it now!