NoVA Code Camp


I had a good time at the Northern Virginia Code Camp. Had the chance to meet some people I only really know via Twitter and got to catch up with others. I’m glad they let me present – my “I’ve Sprung a Leak” WinDbg 101 talk had a good sized crowd that had good questions and feedback. I know I learned a few things along the way.

The Software Craftsmanship panel discussion for the Community Megaphone podcast was also interesting. I’ve never had the opportunity to do something like that before. I hope my passion for the subject came through without a lot of “jerkiness”. Sometimes I get a little carried away… Smile I’m glad Andrew and Dane invited me.

NOVACC was actually a bit nostalgic for me – I attended my first code camp ever at the first NOVACC. They are always so well run – taught me a lot for when we got around to doing them in Pittsburgh. In fact, I took some notes for things we can steal to improve our camp. Thanks to Hal Hayes and the volunteers for putting on such a great event.

Fellow Pittsburgher Hemant Singh was also presenting, and I caught his session. He explained WPF styling. I wanted to finally see Dane’s session on Entity Framework (just to see how the other half lives), but by the time I realized he was doing it it was half over. There were other talks I wanted to see but couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts.

Lots of good conversations and discussions with other attendees. I found out Brian Lanham from Roanoke is a fellow Penn Stater and is actually working on getting a user group off the ground in Altoona. I’m definitely going to have to find a chance to present there.