1&1 Quality Issues


So, the Pittsburgh .Net Code Camp’s web site (http://pghdotnet.agileways.com/) has been down since last Friday (3/13). The site is hosted by 1&1. 1&1 has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. That means that in the course of a year, no matter what, they think that your site won’t be down for more than a total of about 9 hours (actually 8.76, but who’s counting? :)).

The site has been down for over 100 hours. Calls to support are not getting anywhere. All of the sites on that account are down (note- its not my account).

I’m not saying you shouldn’t host with 1&1. I’m just saying you should know what you’re getting in to…


3 thoughts on “1&1 Quality Issues

  1. It is surprising how companies can offer 99.9% up time guarantees. There is a lot that is out of their control.. power outages.. etc. In order to really get that kind of coverage you’d probably need 2-3 back up servers in different locations.

  2. I would agree. I think the lesson to keep in mind is – always back up your site, and never let the same company host your site AND be the registrar for your domain name. Then at least moving it can be quicker.

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